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About Sirsi

Sirsi is a famous city in Karnataka. It is located in Karwar district. It is a famous hill station located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The most appealing feature of this city is that it is surrounded with lush green forests and eye pleasing waterfalls.

About Sirsi

Locality of Sirsi

Hubli and Belgaum are the two nearest cities of Sirsi. Sirsi is densely populated and the main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture. Supari or beetul nut is the main crop that is grown here.

Tourism in Sirsi

when you decide to visit Sirsi then you must keep a note of the tourist spots that you should visit. In this article you will get information about some of the famous spots of Sirsi which you can pay a visit.

Marikamba Temple

There are many temples in Sirsi which are famous and marks as an important tourist destination in Sirsi. Marikamba Temple is one of the oldest temples of Sirsi built in 1688. This temple id dedicated to goddess Marikamba. Every alternative year the authorities of this temple organises an annual fair in the temple and this becomes the centre of attraction for tourists. Close to this temple there are some other famous temples of Lord Ganesh which are also visited by tourists.


Another sacred place located in Sirsi which is famous among both Hindus and Jains. This sacred place is located just 15 km from Sirsi so you can easily visit this place once you are visiting Sirsi.


this place is the ancient capital of Karnataka and is just 24 km away from Sirsi. This is considered as the first capital of Karnataka however at the present age Bangalore is considered to be the capital of Karnataka. Almost all the spots of Banavasi have been destructed with time but some old remains of Madhukeshwara Temple of Lord Shiva attracts tourists to this place even today. This temple has been given archaeological importance by Archaeological Survey of India.

Sirsi Tourism

Unchalli Falls

this waterfall is situated at a distance of 30km from Sirsi and is considered to be one of the biggest tourist spot of Sirsi. The depth of the waterfall is 116m and it offers a spectacular view from its top. Nature lovers will definitely love to pay a visit to this waterfall in Sirsi.

Some other places which you can visit once you are in Sirsi are Kumbri Gudda, Mattighata Falls, Duggumane Falls, Parmod gudda and so on.  Don’t forget to make a note of these palces when you start planning your tour to Sirsi.

Transportation of Sirsi

The different modes in which you can reach Sirsi are mentioned in this section of the article.

By Road
Sirsi is linked with many famous national highways which connects nearly all the states of India. So if you are travelling by road then you can avail the national highway connecting with Karnataka. There are bus services available from different states of India that will take you to Sirsi.

By Train
Talguppa is the nearest railway station to Sirsi which is nearly 51km away. This railway station is connected to Bangalore, a metropolitan city of Karnataka.

By Air
Hubli is the nearest airport to Sirsi. You can always travel from Bangalore International Airport.

One Day Trip from Sirsi

Once you are in Sirsi then you must plan for a one day trip to any of the nearby places. Some of the nearby tourist spots are mentioned in this section of the article.

Sirsi to Vadiraj Mutt

This is a religious attraction which is nearly 15 km away from Sirsi. You can reach this place within an hour and there are good lodging facilities available in this place.

Weekend Getaways from Sirsi

When you are visiting Sirsi then you should plan for a weekend trip to the nearby places from Sirsi. There are plenty of beautiful tourist attractions located near Sirsi which you can visit within a day.

Sirsi to Bangalore

You can visit the capital of Karnataka from Sirsi. Bangalore is just a 6 hours drive from Sirsi. There are loads of options to do in Bangalore. There are different malls and other entertaining options for you in Bangalore. There are many attractive tourist spots in Bangalore which you can also visit.

Sirsi to Ooty

this is another famous place of Karnataka which is just 6 hours away from Sirsi. Ooty is considered to be one of the picture perfect tourist spot of Karnataka. So make some quick plans of visiting Ooty once you visit Sirsi.

Fact File of Sirsi

Town: Sirsi
District: Karwar
State: Karnataka
Population: 62,882
Official Languages: Kannada, English
Latitude: 14.62 Degrees North
Longitude: 74.85 Degrees East

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